It's something to Talk About


Whilst on the 'Moose Schooner Tour' (19 August) my wife and I had the opportunity to experience your 'clam dig'.  As people who have traveled the world we know that just occasionally you meet truly remarkable people and have unforgettable experiences; this was one of them - to meet the 'clam digger' and listen to his songs was a privilege and something I will never forget; the highlight of my three weeks in the Eastern Canada.

We wish your enterprise great success and hope that it will be experienced by those who can truly appreciate it.
Sharon and Brian Thackeray.



“Have you ever tasted dulse just picked off the beach rocks? Do you know the difference between a tasty periwinkle and a not-so-tasty coinkle? Wanda van Tassel is a wonderful storyteller with a tight bond to the Fundy shore where she lives and earns her living. I was captivated by her and Calvin's deep knowledge of the shores along Gulliver's Cove. It's a magical place!”
Bill Whitman, Coastal Resource Coordinator
NS Fisheries and Aquaculture


“Thank you so much, it was a very special day. I will always remember this when I go back home to Fiji.”

“A big thanks to both of you, for sharing your knowledge with us in a wonderful experiential tour of your beaches.”

“You offer so much more here than a beautiful cottage in a secluded cove… you provide an experience. All the amusement parks anywhere in the world are the same, but nothing compares to the variety of activities and experiences available to a family right here in Gulliver’s Cove. I guarantee we will always remember. You have a great piece of heaven right here and we will definitely return."

Todd, Lisa, Shelby, Teddy & Luke, Peterborough, ON